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Colorado Pet Enclosures builds custom pet enclosures designed to keep your pets safely inside and keep unwanted critters outside of the enclosure. We use quality supplies that are resistant to outdoor elements. Our enclosures are designed to blend in with the surroundings in your yard and we can color match the existing colors of your home. We take the time necessary to ensure quality while still completing enclosures in a timely manor. We will come to your home and use our design experience to help you come up with the type of enclosure that meets your specific needs. We will then provide you with a free estimate for completing your custom pet enclosure.

Pet Testimonials

Hi to all my fellow pet friends,

My name is Fiddle and unlike some cats I love the outdoors. My parents are kind enough to take me for a walk outside on a leash. But they say they have other things to do with their time besides take me for a walk. So they sprung for my “Custom Pet Catio”. It is attached to the house and I access it via my cat door (some critters call it a dog door). I am free to go in and out as I please. There are two old tree branches that I can claw, jump on or I can just hang out  like I am doing in the photo above. I have several shelves that I can sit on at varying heights. In the top corner I have a cat bed for when I feel like sleeping outdoors. My parents like knowing that my enclosure keeps me safe from the other critters that live in the foothills but actually my opinion is that it keeps them safe from me.  I share my outdoor Pet Patio with my brother Timber the cat and my two sisters of a more distant relation (since they are dogs). There is room for all of us in our large Pet Patio. All thanks to my loving parents.

Your friend,


Who We Are

Dave and Shelly Means have shared their love for animals their whole lives. Dave has over 30 years of experience in the lumber and construction industry. Dave and Shelly have designed and built two homes in Colorado including the home they are currently living in. Dave has extensive experience remodeling homes and cabins and has the knowledge necessary to attach a pet enclosure to your home. After losing several pets to predators, Dave decided to put his building and design skills to a greater use. Thus deciding to specialize in the building of safe havens for pets, and the satisfaction of knowing that he is contributing to the peace of mind for their masters.  Dave enjoys all facets of remodeling and is qualified to complete a wide variety of projects on your home.  Dave’s team of co-workers are lifelong friends and together they have experience in all areas of construction.

Areas We Serve

Southern Colorado including the following counties.

Chaffee, Custer, El Paso, Fremont, Park and Pueblo.

Depending on the scope of the project we can discuss the option of further travel.

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